We grow organic grains, including corn, soy, barley, oats, peas, and buckwheat. Grains are central to the history of the Hudson Valley, which was the breadbasket of colonial America. As grain production has shifted in terms of practices (now mostly conventional) and geography (mostly in the mid-West), we have been doing our part to keep the local, organic grain economy alive. With help from our partners like Stone House Grain, we sell our high quality grains through local outlets.

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At our home farm, we custom graze animals from Hawthorne Valley. These animals enjoy a wide variety of grasses on our pastures. In 2018, we took a break from custom grazing to focus on our grains, but we are excited to invite the cows back again soon!



Collaboration is core to our purpose. The most important thing we grow are connections and partnerships. Through our partnerships, we are able to help produce high-quality, organic honey, vegetables, dairy, timber products, and pastured meats. We could not do all of this alone. Learn more about our friends and partners and friends in the Hudson Valley:

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Our farm is home to abundant biodiversity and rich ecosystems including:

122 rare/uncommon plant species
51 acres of ancient upland forest
grassland bird, shrubland bird, and monarch habitat
vernal pools that act as nurseries for sensitive amphibians

We farm in harmony with the other species on our farm, aiming to cultivate a dynamic, ecologically sound working landscape.